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Station of Commons x African Art Book Fair Dakar 2024

The African Art Book Fair is a platform for debate and encounters with professionals in the field of art publishing and critical production from Africa and the diaspora. The discussions will focus on the ways in which art books are distributed and the challenges of publishing. Taking a critical approach to the many facets of publishing, participants in the round tables will share their experiences and perspectives on publishing.To mark the 10th anniversary of the African Art Book Fair, Lumbung radio is partnering the fair with its Sound journal project. The event also features the Unruly Knowledge sessions, a special programme which is a part of Sustaining the Otherwise, a multi-locational, multi-annual, collaborative research chapter initiated by curators and researchers Amal Alhaag and Selene Wendt.

Station of Commons and Firely Frequencies, together with lumbung radio, organize a radio studio in the African Art Book Fair exhibition space to produce a convivial and social space for listening and recording time. The radio space is located in the center of the fair and operates as the hub for sound practices. Moreover, we record and stream live the African Art Book Fair panel discussions, Station of Commons produces audio material conducted on site. The program may have to be updated as the fair and bienniale progresses. Stay tuned!

Ultradependent Public School

BAK presents: UltraCirculation & Ultradependent Public Education Digest

The Ultradependent Public school is a space which unfolds as the public negotiation of a curriculum to learn what we really, really need to enact the worlds that we really, really want. From its home at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, The Netherlands, an extended faculty of students, educators, and other cultural practitioners navigate kitchens, print studios, housing squats, community centers, garages, radio stations, hallways, public transportations, and sidewalks as sites of study.

Every Tuesdays from 19:00-21:00 in April and May.


Jan. 2023 

Afrikadaa "Racisme, discrimination, oú en sont les ecoles d'art", Yekri-Yekra radio program in lumbung radio.


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lumbung Radio is an inter-local online community radio part of documenta fifteen. It’s an open online broadcast that comprises of an inter-local network of distinct radios and audio practices. It operates in no specific time zones, and streams multiple languages, music, and art. Each participating radio station depends on its own means of production, way of thinking, learning, and sharing. lumbung Radio operates as a decentralized network of nodes that uses internet without its hegemonic agency. The intention is producing an audiophonic common space built on the multiplication of the existing practices of its contributors.

List of lumbung radio participants:

Arts Collaboratory Radio, coordinated by Radio Tropiezo, Mexico-City, Mexico

Cashmere Radio, Berlin, Germany

Centre d’art Waza, Lubumbashi
Democratic Republic of the Congo

firefly frequencies

Free Home University

Freies Radio Kassel
Kassel, Germany

Fugitive Radio
Helsinki, Finland & Berlin, Germany

Kollektiv Eigenklang
Kassel, Germany

Shared Frequencies Radio
Austin, Texas, USA

The Nifty Radio, Bogor, Indonesia

Radio Cocina Colaboratorio
Xochimilco (Mexico City), Oaxaca & Chiapas, Mexico

Radio Nopal, Mexico city, Mexico

RURUradio, Jakarta, Indonesia

Via de acceso, Mexico

VVV (Force inc./mille plateaux , NON/‘O’) Graz, Austria & Frankfurt, Germany

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Taiwan-Finland Alert


Radio alHara

Good Morning, I Love You

Future Voice Radio